For those of you who want to figure out how to play a song and submit them to UG, here are some tips:

Learning The Song By Ear

1. Guess and Check There are only 12 notes. The best way to figure out any chord in a song, simply play the song and you're guitar at the same time you will know when you hit a right note.

2. Aim for the Bass Most songs will be in root position. Meaning the bass will name the chord. While you are figuring out the chords, listen to the bass line and use your bottom two strings.

3. Find the Key Finding the key is the most important thing to do when learning a song by ear. The tonic chord is often the first chord in a chord progression. If not, then analyze the song closer listening to the melody to give you a hint.

Creating a Chord Sheet

1. Make a Chord Sheet, not a Tab If you are new at this and the song is in standard tuning, create a chord sheet. They are much easier to make and to read than tabs are, and you wont have to worry about every note the guitar makes.

2. Look Up the Lyrics Chances are, the lyrics are on the internet somewhere. If not on Lyrics.com or YouTube, the band site might have them. Its always worth a good hunt.

3. Line Up the Chords With the Lyrics This can be tricky, but if you want a good rating its a must-do. This will make the sheet a lot more organized and helpful. Do this with all the lyrics. Its irritating when someone puts up a bunch of chords and then pastes the lyrics.

Making Tabs

1. Slow Down the Song When it comes to solos, using programs like Audacity to slow the song down and work them from note to note can be really helpful.

2. Display the Tuning If you have a song in an alternate tuning like Drop D, show the tuning on the tab like this:


This helps make the tuning clear to the reader.

3. Save Your Work on Word A good tab can take hours to complete. So start off with a word document to come back too. You can't save incomplete work on the site.

Other Tips

1. Ask the Band If you are doing a song for an unpopular band, and you have had a hard time figuring out something like lyrics, ask them. Its always worth a shot.

2. Look at Other Tabs Chances are, you have already searched the web looking for any kind of tutorial video or tab. Look at some of the stuff again, in case they have something right. Also search for covers done by people in their rooms. Those will can help a lot.

3. Practice Believe it or not, creating chords and tabs are just like everything else. My first contribution took me hours. When I submitted it, I wasn't done with the verses. Now I can get the gist of a song within twenty minutes.

4. Make an Account If you have not already, do so. That way you can keep track of you're tabs and update them.

That's all for now,
Good Luck!
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