This is a song I wrote with my band Chill Broz (the name is an inside joke of sorts, we try not to take ourselves too terribly seriously, and also parody a certain demographic of college-attending males) called "Live You Learn". This version was recorded in a few hours at the now defunct Ante Up Audio/Analog Arcade in Cleveland, OH by engineer extraordinaire Jim Stewart.

It's sort of like a chill prog song, I guess, hailing from somewhere between my equal love for Dave Matthews Band and Dream Theater. The meaning of the song is pretty simple, you live, you learn. It was inspired by a lot of dramatic, fairly incredible events that had transpired within my circle of friends of the course of a year or two. The middle section is comprised of a motif that alternates between 4/4, 7/8, and 17/16. Give it a listen if you have a moment and would be so kind!


Thank y'all!

-Ray Flanagan