Thanks for crit !

This song is nice its catchy ! Like this "keep it simple" style you have only guitar and vocals and thats it. First i keep eye on that guitar playing, it was good. Your vocals is good cous' it aint sound like mainstream. You have unique voice. Hearing this kinda stuff on radio, instead on those mainstream dubstep-autotune-shitmusic-allsoundthasame, would be cool
Cheers for the crit man.

It was pretty catchy. I thought you could do a bit of a better job on the singing though to be honest, sorry if that sounded harsh. And I think you could vary up the vocal ranges in the first half of the song as it's all around the same pitch. I liked the chord sequences, but I thought for the last part of the song you could've spiced it up a little more for some more variety. Sorry I don't have much to say, the song's quite short and there's only one guitar so I don't know what else to talk about haha. Maybe you could add some soft drums after the first chorus?
Not exactly my style. I'm not a fan of the vocal style of yours - can't really explain it in text but it felt like every line was sung with the same rythm and punctuation, it would be more effectful if you saved that "style" for every fourth line or so. I guess I'm not being very clear but it's difficult to explain. But I suppose my biggest issue is simply that this is not my cup of tea. You gave me really nice crit, sorry I can't return it