So I recently ordered a new pickguard for the Blacktop Tele I got for Christmas from my girlfriend. I'm not extremely familiar with Fender guitars, and I didn't take into account that the pickups (or in this case, pickup) are/is mounted to the pickguard before I went and took the original off and went to put on the new one. So I didn't realize the whole deal with the screws and the springs, and all... Point is, I can NOT get the damn pickup to mount to the pickguard with the springs over the screws. Is there some sort of trick to this? Someone PLEASE help me, I want to play my guitar!
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Push the screw all the way through the pickguard. Then slide the spring over the threads. Press the plate with the screw hole against the spring and start threading the screw into the hole. Go far enough so that the pickup is now threaded on the screw and won't come loose (only a couple turns). Then do the same on the other side. Finish raising the pickup into position as desired.
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