Thanks man. Does it sound bad? I tried to get as a sound as close to the original for the verse. I'lll C4C yours now in a minute.
It doesnt sound bad, its just the scratchy part that is kinda weird, but i cant tell what it is, it seems like your phaser is on time, the tone is cool also.
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Quote by ricardo_sousa11
Good Cover, altough dont like what you do after the intro, those "scratches + phaser", and some parts sound a bit off, keep practicing

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I actually quite liked the phaser scratching. I think itd sound good in a band.

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Quote by Czily
i think the phaser scratchy thing is only a bit odd cause the guitar is much louder than the backing track. as mentioned it'd for sure sound cool in a band!

and i like the hi gain. for this song the tone doesn't necessarily have to be edgy imho. creating a soft sound underground with the guitar would have been my thought as well.

c4c --

I think that is it, its because the guitar is Louder, I've been comparing to the original song, and everything seems to be on time, so it must be that =)
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Thanks everyone for the comments!! I hope i've C4Ced all of you. If not just let me know and i'll do it straight away.