I recently bought a new guitar and it has been playing fine.
But today i noticed that the 11th fret (3rd 4th and 5th) strings buzz when played
I dont know what caused this since it was fine yesterday.
What should i do?
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do they buzz when the guitar is unfretted or only when it's fretted?

if there's a recent change, and you haven't changed the strings or tuned lower than usual, sounds like a humidity / dryness issue. do you use a hygrometer? if not, the first thing you should do is get a hygrometer, test it and then use it - check it every freakin' day.
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only when the guitar is fretted on the 11th fret. seems like a uneven fret level issue.
frets over time to change and need to be reworked, otherwise older strings can buzz as their stiffness changes and the coils can lossen.

I'd suggest putting new strings to see if that helps.
I second Patticake's advice. Fretbuzz is a very common malady in the northern hemisphere this time of year, the air becomes cooler it also becomes dryer and more so in buildings when the heat kicks in.

"That which isn't measured can't be managed" Get a hygrometer. The adage can also apply to frets, a straight edge will quickly show if your guitar has an uneven or a raised fret.
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