need a link to a site where i can check out what sx guitars they got for sale.
ive been playing on an SX vintage strat but I am looking for a V-Shape
please help
V shaped necks aren't very common so you may have a hard time finding one on a budget guitar. V necks are usually found on 50s Strats or direct copies of them. it's not a very popular neck shape so as i said not likely to be found on budget guitars. you may have to consider getting a seperate neck if you feel you really want that shape. this will most likely cost more than your guitar is worth by a great deal.
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I think he means a Flying V shaped guitar.

oops, well you know us strat guys. i saw strat and V-shaped and immediately thought neck shape. my bad.
I was on there today, and I didn't see any SX Flying V's, I don't think I ever have. You can't go wrong with a Douglas or an Agile though.
Heard lots of good things about Agile. I'd love to try one out but you just can't get them in the UK.
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I believe SX does not have a V shaped guitar but Douglas right there in rondomusic have a V-2 shaped one with floyd rose and everything, which is nice, but the thing is i have only heard about people who own douglas who claim the necks warp rather quickly unless you know how to really take care of them.

But that's just the take i have from people who have owned that brand, some are happy and some are angry about them, i would say save some more and get an Epiphone V which is still way cheaper than getting a Gibson and you could probably get a used one for about 300ish~~ i believe. Just look it up man
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tx for all the replies !!! i dunno , ive even considered Jackson or Dean Guitars but i like the SX's feel