When i get my next wage i am definitely thinking about getting a bugera 6262 as they are pretty cheap for what i want. I have done a lot of research on these watched review, sound check and had a look on other forums etc and was interested to see what you all think of it? is it any good for playing bon jovi/hard rock stuff, i also play alot of metal

Never played them but make sure you get a NEW one. the older versions had a manufacturing problem which made them break down on you and some even combusted or so. newer versions had it fixed I heared and seem to be more reliable, but still not peavey quality!
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I got one, Didn't like it a whole lot until I put an EQ pedal in it, now I love it. lol
I'd say check it out before you buy it if you could, but I havn't had any issues with it breaking down on me, but then again i've only had it for about 3 months or so.
^ can you still find new 626x's? Most of the issues in the past were with the 333x's I believe. They still use cheap tubes, labor and poor QC.

Quote by metal head 1
pretty cheap for what i want.

That is a great reason to buy an amp.

I wouldn't use one for Bon Jovi type stuff.

Try this instead: