Hi guys I'm new here, decided to sign up to get some help!
I just installed a pair of EMG-85x's into my BC Rich Mockingbird Special, the first problem is that the output jack is too big for the jack plate hole. As some of you know EMG's are solderless now so the pickups came with an output jack that you only had to clip on with wires so I pretty much need to use that jack. I ordered a new jack plate but just after I ordered it I noticed that a les paul plate and the BC Rich jack plate are different.(The BC Rich one is wider and is more rectangular rather than square as on a les paul) So that was a fail on my part.

But the real reason I'm asking for help is that everything works fine but I get a humming noise ONLY when my hand comes into contact with the pickup. Hands free the guitar is not humming and there is also no humming when when I touch any metal part of the guitar. It only hums when flesh comes into contact with the pickup. It's pretty loud on the bridge pickup but very mild on the neck pickup.

Since I'm quite new here and to pickup installations I would humbly like to ask for advice

How do I troubleshoot? What do I troubleshoot? What to check/doublecheck? etc.

Any Help is much appreciated
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Thanks for the video it makes sense but now there's another problem which was probably the problem from the beginning. By googleing around I could not find any threads about a toggle switch on a guitar having two ground wires. I don't understand what this is about. Being somewhat of a noob I thought it would be good to ask first.

As you can see there are two wires coming off as the ground. I put both of them in the grounding EMG buss and there was that buzzing noise I talked about. Should I just clip the big grey wire off the toggle switch or would that be a bad idea?
Can anybody help me with these two ground wires? Should I just clip one off?
how can u have grounding issues when there's no ground ? that being said i think your best shot is to get all (and i mean ALL ,except from the ground because u can use it in the future) the cables out of your body and start all over again from 0

PD: emg's don't recuire any ground
the diagrams say you should take the grounding wire from the switch and stick them into the solderless buss. I did exactly that, everything works the pickups are quiet and they sound right, it only buzzes when I touch the pickups only. obviously a grounding issue but I can't find any info on this where touching the pickups causes buzz when touching metal parts on the guitar doesnt.
have u tried unplugging the ground wire ? i have mine disconnected and works exelent
I disconnected the ground wires and tried different combinations having both the white and gray cable in or out and even when they're not connected the pickups buzz when being touched when other metal parts don't. This is getting frustrating and I don't quite know what to check next...
FIXED! it turns out two of the connectors were the wrong side around