Hey guys, im having issues recording my guitars and im thinking maybe im not understanding things correctly. As i understood it the Sm57 mic picks up sound that is in front of it way more than it does noise that is behind it. I would THINK that having the mic point at a very loud speaker would eliminate any room noise since the speaker is so close and would overpower any reflected sound from close by walls etc. The problem i am having i think is a slight room echo when recording which results in really crappy guitar sound. Almost like im playing very far away from my mic or something. Any help is appreciated.

Close micing in general normally should ignore most room sound.
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i suppose if you played quieter there would be less noise to bounce of the walls and go into the mic.
The room alters the sound of the amp and in that way what the mic is picking up.
A SM57 on a cranked tube amp speaker cone shouldn't really pick up any room noise

Can you post a clip?
To me it just sounds like you've not put the mic at the right place on the speaker cone for the sound you want...
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
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You can be the deputy llamma of the recordings forum!
The crazy thing is i have tried a ton of mic placements and just cant seam to get rid of that reverb effect. I definately dont hear that coming through my headphones at all. It sounds dry through the headphones. It isnt untill i have double tracked and play through monitors that i hear that room effect.
Sounds like natural reverb from the room to me. Moving the mic closer will help block it out but not completely.
Yeah, that recording was right up on the speaker like the mic was touching the mesh covering. I suppose i will try to throw some blankets over it or something tomorrow and see if that helps. Maybe i will fill the closet up with clothes and move it into there?
Could do. Not much you can do about natural reverb though apart from change rooms. Might be worth investing in some treatment for the walls. It won't eliminate it completely as you get natural reverb everywhere apart from specialist rooms and a little bit is always a good thing. It would be an awful lot easier to help if you could provide an audio sample so that I can hear it rather than making assumptions on loose definitions.

If all else fails apply a noise gate with a very high threshold and an extremely tight release. You should be able to eliminate the tail end of the reverb but you'll lose some sound. It'll also limit your compression options as if you compress it too much it will start to seep through again.

TL;DR: Change rooms, experiment with dynamic processors.
@ChemicalFire - Chanks for the video, i think i will try to do that tomorrow just to see how that effects the sound. It will be an interesting test and a learning experience for me im sure so thank for that!

@TomWhitey1 - I posted this clip a little higher up but here it is again. Its a sample of this reverb effect im reffering to which i think is probably room noise.

Well, i tried a ton of different things to block out the echo's from the room. Im starting to think it isnt the room but my amp.. Currently the amp is covered in blankets (thick heavy ones) and no luck changing that echo sound..
I cant seam to find it but wasnt their some software you could download that would analyze your room using your microphone or something? I just amp'd my Vypyr and Im getting the same effect.. Wondering what a frequency ananysys might show.
Is it a 4x12 you're working with? Are you miking one of the top speakers in your cab? Miking the bottom speakers will pick up reflections from the floor. If it's a 2x12 try and get it off the floor. Have you mik'd every speaker in the cab? In every cab I've owned there's been 1 standout performer, I've got a Marshall cab where 1 speaker sounds great, 2 sound ok and 1 sounds like a total mess. The difference between the gem and the dud is enormous, I'm talking a 2 different types of speaker in 2 different cabs size difference.
i use a 5150 that sounds similar to what you're using. try to adjust the eq on your amp and see if it will make your sound better, what you hear reflected off the room and what the mic hears directly in front of the mic are two different things. your sound sounds a bit far away to me, maybe add more high mids to get enough bite or attack to where it doesnt sound so far. play with your eq on the actual amp/guitar and maybe have the mic closer to the cap on the cone
Actually its a 112 Combo amp. Here is a picture of where it is currently. I keep it up on the rack so its at ear level. (I've tried on and off the rack just to make sure the rack wasnt casuing the "far away" sound. I have the mids on 5 right now and the treble on 5.5'ish. Presence is down on 4 tho so maybe i will turn that up a bit to add a little more high end to it?