Hey guys, I did post another thread on this the other day but i've searched all over the forum and it is no where ot be seen!

Basically my AD30 has been retubed about 2 months ago, It's my secondary amp as I use my Rocker 30 as my main amp which means It hasn't been plugged in for a couple weeks. I recently turned the amp on in a band practice and only one channel was working, I could turn channel two all the way up on both gain and volume and it still doesnt make much of a sound.

At first I thought maybe it could be the power in the room but i've since tried it in my house and it still has the problem. I've pulled the new tubes out and put them back in to see if there was any faults with them but to my eyes they look fine.

I'm no stumped! any ideas on what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance
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