I need a little help figuring out how my cab is wired and what the ohms and wattage are. It's a custom Emperor cab that I bought used. The seller told me it was 4ohms. I didn't even inquire about the wattage since he had been using the same head as mine through it.

But now I'm selling that rig and I took a look at the wiring to see if I could figure out the wattage. If I'm reading it right, the 4 Legends are in series/parallel and the 2 Texas Heats are in parallel. I have very little knowledge about wiring though, so this is a lightly educated guess at best.

From what I've read, series/parallel keeps the speakers' natural resistance, in this case 8 ohms. The Texas Heats come in 4, 8 and 16 ohms and I see no specification as to which these 2 are. The Legends don't specify the exact model either, but all the 12inch Legends on the Eminence site are 8ohm.

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on exactly what I have here.