Hello Guys and Gals,
I'm finally got round to learning to play the guitar (mid life crisis thing me thinks!) Sold off some old fishing gear and got a beauty of a Jim Root Telecaster, Peavey 112 bandit amp and line 6 pocket pod to access some effects. To me it sounds GREAT You guys got any tips on this axe or amp etc that you could share with me?
Good to join ya!
The best way to improve your technique and tone is to practice. It's important to note that practicing can be as beneficial or as detrimental as you make it. There are plenty of videos and lessons here on UG and youtube that can go into more detail and give you some great tips on how to make your practice time more effective in the short run.

Otherwise, just have fun!
I suggest you take a look at www.justinguitar.com Justin has the best free lessons ive been able to find. Also I suggest you pickup a copy of Rocksmith for XBox, PS3, or PC. If you use the two together you will learn fast. And you can gauge your progress with Rocksmith as the game will get harder the better you play until you hit master mode where you have to play the songs without any guide other than the backing track and your memory.
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Forgot to mention. Its the matt Black one so its louder!

I want the white one. But ima have to settle for the new Squier Bullet telecaster and paint it white. lol
get out there and play with other people!
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