My 8 year old got an acoustic guitar for Christmas, and would like to learn to play it.
I know when I taught him to read I found a great book on amazon. Can anyone recommend a good book for an 8year old kid that wants to learn guitar? Thanks.
PS. Please let me know if you used the book personally, or just have heard about it.
Well, i suppose any book could be of use if ur kid really wants to learn. Personally, i was never able to use those books/guides, they are boring as hell! I bet he'll learn more with a guitar teacher. Just be careful that the teacher isnt one of those old classical snobs that reject any other type of music.
I agree that a (good) teacher would be better, but it's a lot cheaper to start with a book and then he can learn at his own speed. If he shows real interest, we'd move to a teacher.
So, can anyone recommend a good book. From my experiences with books on other subjects, some books are better than others, so I appreciate any input.