Impossible to say without a great deal more information. Who made it? When was it made? What is it about the condition that makes it good? (Scratches, dings, all original?)

Pictures would help, too.
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The three better regarded makes of lawsuit Rics are Greco, Tokai and Ibanez. Both of these companies did some really well made copies of Fenders, Gibsons, and Rics in the later 70's.

But, even though they were copies, they were made incredibly well. Shoot, i know people that have prefered, say... a Greco T-bird to a Gibson, or an Ibanez 77 Jazz to a Fender. Then there's Tokai, while having good instruments, also had amazing names... their P bass was called the Hard Puncher... their Ric copy... the headstock says Rockinbetter.

Now, when it comes to price... they can get up there. The $800 range is what i mainly see them in. But they ARE rare, so it's tricky to nail down an average price. Though i've never seen one of those go for less than $600, and i've seen them go for as much as an actual Ric... $1600 range.

What also makes these copies desirable, is that they try to use Ric-like pickups. There are other Ric copies out there that have a Ric aesthetic, but completely different Pickup types and placement. These are usually new... sold through shady-ish websites... and have "meh" build quality... They're usually in the $400-$600 range.

So, if you really want one, i'd track down a Greco:

*god, i miss the cursive Ibanez logo!!

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here is a pic of my new Rickinbetter mapleglo 4003, it cost £399 new from Rich tone music but they have put there prices back up to £460. really nice bass for the money, even for the full price of £469.
Just added a review of the Rockinbetter 4003 on Ultimate Guitar in anyone wants a look.
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