Wasn't there a thread on this Monday?
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You have excellent taste in literature, dear sir

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You have excellent taste in video games, good sir.

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Hero, whatta man
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His Zombie Energy scheme is very thought provoking. God knows the US is too dependent on foreign oil, and this seems like a very reasonable way too alleviate some of the stresses that dependency puts on world politics, particularly concerning Russia and The Middle East.

To back up one of the Youtube comments, I'd vote for him over Ron Paul. He seems more in touch with reality.
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Wasn't there a thread on this Monday?

Yes, yes there was. The searchbar has been wonky lately though.
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He turned that guy gay at the end of the press conference because Jesus told him to do it.

He's got my vote
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He has my vote.
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I put a ton of my capital into SW Airlines... The next day, THE NEXT DAY these nutters fly into the WTC. What the hell? Apparently no one wanted to fly anymore, and I was like "What gives? God damnit Osama, let me win a fuggin' game!"