So I've never needed a new amp, and was fine with the one I have. It's a small crate, it's super heavy, and it's terribly ugly. It produces ok sound, but it's starting to go. I've never really done any research on amps, and would really appreciate these questions answered:

  • What brand should I buy?
  • How do I know which amp makes good sound?
  • Are amps with built-in distortion more expensive?

Another thing, I'm used to standard strings, and whatever strings my dad buys me. But I really want to know which brand is the "best", and how to care for my strings. I have a set of glow-in-the-dark, sparkle-in-the-light kind of strings, and also wanted to know if I could clean that easily when it gets dirty.

Finally, I use an old hand-me-down distortion pedal, and I hate how the sound doesn't get any heavier. I want the best sound from my pedal so it really sounds LIKE METAL. Not rock. So again, brands, and opinions. Please be as detailed as you can be.
the answer to all ur questions is....


you'll never know what's the best whats great for u. Experience, the only way u'll ever know.
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