http://i1238.photobucket.com/albums/ff482/stepchildusmc/DSC02985-1.jpghttp://i1238.photobucket.com/albums/ff482/stepchildusmc/c2078ax-rtd.jpghttp://i1238.photobucket.com/albums/ff482/stepchildusmc/ovationc2078ax-rtd.jpg] there she is.. my new baby ! the pictures don't really bring out it's true color and beauty(crappy camera) AAA grade spruce top, awesome electronics, XLR output for when i get famous( dont hold your breath) deep bowl that really brings out the sound. thanks mikebigox and patti for showing me how to post pics. this is a replacement for the taylor 855ce that imploded( still have enough left over to get a few more...he he)
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hmm... guess i gotta work on resizing huh? eh... babysteps. inadvertantly put the 2 taylors in... oops. the one on the right is the one that blew itself up, left is the K10ce. can i remove that one pic mike or patti?
Congrats on your new baby, looks beautiful. I sold my Ovation two months ago, I still feel a bit of sellers remorse that I suspect won't ever go away.

Hope you get many years of music and enjoyment from it.
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How do you find the sound projection on it? I owned an ovation clone and it was real nice to play but it was fairly quiet. They sure look unique though, always appreciate companies that try to make their own type of guitar

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it projects well, not as well as my 1778T or 2078T but its a lot brighter sounding. waiting for a string change so i can lower the action, just shims under the saddle no need to dig out the chainsaw! the onboard tuner is idiot-proof which is good as my hearing is horrible due to my last profession(think i'll be diggin' sand outta my ears for years to come). i like the ovations because they're more like an evolution in electric acoustics not just an add-on. still like my flat-backers too. with the gobs of money i got back from the taylor, i'll probably pick up something thats acoustic only.
congrats - enjoy it!
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thats a sad sad story blackie ! i feel for ya. i could almost hear the violins in the background as i read that.
Very Nice Step!

You really need an 1868T to complete the set.
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thanks guys... and you too patti. no worries auri, i got a line on a black one in Philly, just gotta wait for the guy to go on vacation... BTW , where do you keep your emergency house key?