I am looking at getting a hollowbody (or semi-hollow) but don't know which is the best for me. I want it to sound big and full when unplugged so I can bring it to a party or bonfire and jam without being drowned out by acoustics, but I don't want a lot of low end and distortion from the pickups because I would be using it for worship at my church from time to time. I know a lot of the companies, but I am more interested in sound quality so just tell me what's best, not most popular. Keep in mind that I'm looking to spend under $1,000 if possible. Thanks.
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Make sure you get one that's filled with sand. It won't sound right otherwise.
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The Epiphone Whateverthe****. It's been so long since I cared about guitars I forgot the names, but it's the ES-335 Epi model. Sheraton or something.
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No semi will sound comparable to an acoustic in terms of volume, they'll be louder, but not loud enough. An old jazzbox would fit the bill nicely.

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I've got a gretsch electromatic for around 800usd and love it. It doesn't compare to an acoustic in volume though, honestly. It's a bit louder than solid body electrics when unplugged, but not like an acoustic.
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Tip: If they are not completely hollow, continue disemboweling until desired effect.
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