I'm currently in the process of saving up for a Nylon string guitar and wanted to expand my range of music as well as get some practice in before I make my purchase.

I'm specifically looking for flamenco or something similar, however I"m always looking for more music to learn regardless of the genre and difficulty so if you have a song you really enjoy feel free to suggest it.

Please don't suggest songs such as Everlong or WounderWall, I have nothing against the classics it's just I have most of them and I hear them all the time anyhow.

Spatter the Dew; gotta love it ^^
Tommy Emannuel: Classical Gas
Trace Bundy: Patanga, duelling ninja's
JS Bach Violin partitures
John Clarck : The Most Evolved
Anything of Rodriqo y Gabriella: awesome flamenco stuff
Wow fast responses from you guys, thanks a lot for that.

Prelude 4. was sweet

@Kishintai Ha your right you don't really have a say in the matter, you must love Spatter the Dew or die.

All solid suggestions, I saw the most evolved a while back but forgot about it so thanks for the reminder. The opening to dueling ninja's was tight though, I Just got out of class so I haven't had a chance to check out Gabriella but I intend to!

Thanks all for the suggestions keep them coming if you can!
All of Villa-Lobos' music for the guitar is good. Buy his complete works for the guitar book and you'll have plenty of great and interesting music to work through for years. Prelude 1 and 2 are great. Also Etudes 1 and 11 are really, REALLY great fro improving playing ability and technique. Just make sure you start very slow and accurate with Etude 1. This single piece will improve your playing a great deal.
There is a youtube user named LonLonJP who has a lot of gorgeous classical pieces, but they are all older video game songs.