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Okay so people ask me what kind of music my band plays all the time and I never know what to tell them. So they ask me who we're similar to and I still don't know what to tell them. I tell them our influences, but I don't think our music sounds like them very much.

I've realized that maybe this is because I'm so close to the music, and your own music always feels "unique" to you because you know so many details of it. I also realize that it's probably not unique, I just don't know what an outsider's opinion on this would be.

So if you guys could spout out bands that my band reminds you of, that would be great. I realize that describing my band to my 50 something year old boss will always be impossible, but this should hopefully help in other areas.

We just have a little EP at http://fromfragileseeds.bandcamp.com
If this is the wrong board for this, feel free to move it mods...obviously...you're the boss.
Thanks in advance.

TLDR version: What bands would you compare my band to? fromfragileseeds.bandcamp.com
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First off, good stuff, really enjoyed it.

I don't really listen to much in this genre but i see some similarities to Silver Sun Pickups, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday(just the vocals). But I wouldn't really say you guys sound like any of those bands, a pretty unique sound to me.
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glad you liked it, and thats the second brand new reference i've heard and they were my favorite band for a while so I guess that makes sense.
also glad we sound unique to you. that's good to hear. thanks for the listen and feedback.