Hey guys! This is the first original I've recorded. I did the drums just by grabbing some samples from the internet. Guitar is recorded with a POD HD500.


All comments are totally welcome! It would be great to get some feedback from... everything! Just, everything... composing, guitar playing, recording, arrangement, MIXING etc.

Thank you and ENJOY!
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Glad you are enjoying that new POD man! - Im not to fond of the tone your getting with that just yet tho. When the distorted guitars come in at the begining they are screaming 'Imma digital amp sim' but that kinda gets better once you start opening up your playing and it fills out. What are you using for the drums cause they sound pretty weak. Could use alot of eq'ing and definately need to add in more fill. As for the song there are some tasty riff's in their but its too repetitive as it is right now. Keep at it tho man as it sounds like you are having a great time with it! Good job and keep it up!
Thanks! Umm.. You wouldn't mind sharing a little advice, what and how could I do something better?
I think you've got some really nice riffs going in there! I do agree it get's a bit drawn out though, for an instrumental. If you were to add some vocals it'd be just perfect. It's not really my kind of music but I felt you had a certain originality to it! If you beef up the guitars and drums, get some base and maybe some synthesizers in there, plus some overlaying harmonies this is a winner!
I have a pod HD400, found a setting online that was called Mesa, and another one Fireball, I always thought they were decent, whether or not they are to you is another thing, if you would like I can probably open up that program (as I havent used it in a while since getting a 5150 2x12 combo) and tell u what the settings were or screenshot and email....lemme know.

Otherwise a cool song, i kinda messed around pretending i was singin to it, LOL! just kinda grabbed me, and thought why not, felt really natural to do a scream/regular lyrics over...funny part was i was able to kinda predict the stops and spots based on the feel...maybe that means its "normal to a point" i dunno, but i still liked it and thought it had some cool riffs with def potential to be somethin full with lyrics! By the way I thought the playing was great, the mixing as well.

one thing tho, you said you played it, but you didnt WRITE it? who did? just curious.
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Well I guess it's supposed to be a full song one day. Once I get a band up... I myself also consider this one something where I should add vocals etc. etc. some day. I also agree that it doesn't really work as an instrumental, or I should be adding shit into it, because yes, it might get a little boring. This is just one of those songs where I have no idea what a 2nd guitar eg. would do. Not talking about synths or anything... never done anything with them.

So what could I do to the guitars/drums?

And as it's labelled "original", it's 100% written (also produced) by me


EDIT: ooooh now I see, the OP might've been a bit misleading. What I meant was that it's not the first original I've written, I got some under my belt already. But it is the first I've ever recorded.
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