I am planning on getting a SansAmp bass driver di box to record some covers for YouTube. I want to know if it is possible to plug the DI box directly in to my laptop to record, without a mixer? And what kind of adapter cable would I need to connect it to the laptop? (XLR to 1/8, 1/4 to 1/8, XLR to usb, 1/4 to usb, etc)

I am completely new at this - any and all help is appreciated
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Why the SansAmp? Have you thought about a proper usb/firewire interface? A mixer is of no use by the way.
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I just did a bit of my own research and it seems to have quite good sound. I am willing to find a cheaper one, and a simpler one, seeing as I'm just a beginner at this.

Also, why exactly is a mixer of no use? For recording covers, anyway. I only ask about the mixer because I haven't come across anything that says it's ok to plug a DI box directly in to a computer. Most videos/articles say it's supposed to go Guitar>DI box>mixer>computer, unless I'm mistaken.
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You'll need an interface to get the signal from the DI box to your computer. Going from the DI to an adapter will completely defeat the purpose of using a DI box in the first place because you'll lose quality.

I'd recommend getting a DI box, check out the Radial DI boxes, instead of the Sansamp unless you want to use the Sansamp specifically for tone coloring.
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So if I had an interface like M-Audio fast track, would I still need a DI box? Or does it just go Guitar>M-Audio interface>laptop?
You can go straight to the interface without a DI box. The difference between going DI into interface versus DI Box into the interface will be negligible in your case.
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The best bass tones I ever recorded were with a SansAmp straight into my interface.

I LOVE those things!

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Just get a reasonable interface. DI boxes were created to convert the signal to line level (for going straight to a mixer for example) but most interfaces are able to do this (although some may argue at a different quality).

You can quite happily go guitar>interface>computer. In fact that's what most do unless looking to add tones prior to recording.
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