This is the first song I've ever written in one sitting! I've been listening to a lot of Cory Branan lately, that's the direction I'm going from here on out:

I was young with not one regret
When I learned something I'd never forget
On the porch I watched my father sway
And with my mother dance the hours away
He said Son, I wish but I can't define,
what I felt when I knew she was mine.
But her love was true, I knew from the start
'cause when we danced I lead with the heart.
So lead with the heart.

I got Shakespeare's volumes on my shelf
but the scholar in me hasn't shown himself.
I read sonnets 'till my head did ache
but I think I'm coming to know what they say.
They say if love is true you'll know from the start
and when you dance, lead with the heart
so lead with the heart.

She said you can't hold what you'll never possess.
I could stop your heart through a bullet proof vest.
and I'll fight my feelings every inch of that mile,
though I hope to God you endure this trial.
because your love is true I've known from the start
and when you dance you lead with the heart.
you lead with the heart.

When my love is true you'll know from the start
'cause when I dance I lead with my heart.
Loved your writing. The best lines in your song which touches the heart are
"When my love is true you'll know from the start
'cause when I dance I lead with my heart."
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I love the work, however, the title has nothing to do with the piece.

The lines all fit together perfectly, and I can feel a beat as I read. I almost feel like a little boy trying to learn poetry.

I could be wrong, but were you aiming for a rural, kind of old timey feeling?

Anyway, C4C? (1st one in my sig)
It was nice to read this. It has a great flow, I'm impressed.

First stanza: really good, it gets better everytime I read it.

Second stanza: to me, this part is about the differences between art and life. I sometimes complain that art doesn't do enough for me. That's maybe because I feel it's it's just a reflection, an image of life. It can't compare to a special personal moments. Maybe this is something to work with, like "this dance is more beautiful than Shakespeare".

Third stanza: the four first lines aren't clear to me, but maybe it's because English isn't my first language. To me, those are 4 lines without a strong connection.