So I've been playing guitar, self-taught, for a few years now. I fancy myself as more of a rhythm player. However, I get the strong feeling that my fingering is off (ya know, like, where to put which specific fingers on which specific frets at specific times), thus holding me back. Whenever I try to figure out a guitar part myself, I usually end up playing slow and sloppy... until I watch someone else play it (on YouTube for instance), copy their positions, and it's way easier and I can play the parts way better. Also, when I play different songs, I'll watch myself play (in a mirror or self-recorded) and notice that my fretting hand looks different from other peoples'.

Without actually using a teacher, what's the best way to learn proper finger-positioning? From what I understand, there's some wiggle-room, but I'm pretty sure I'm outside of that. I practice all the time and have a lot of determination and aspirations in playing, but I just feel like my ignorance is holding me back.

Please halp!