ok so im thinking of getting one of these great les paul copies from LTD, and i cant decide on the EC-1000 and the EC-1000T, anyone have any advice??

i guess one is thin and one is thick? im a total noob, what does everyone think?
The "T" models are thick, all the others are thin. Thick is more "authentic".

What is your budget? if you want a legit Les Paul copy, I'd recommend Edwards. They can be pricey and rare though, depending on where you're located.

Unless you specifically want a lightweight LP, then definitely go for a non "T" EC.
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My budget is around $7-$800
Anyone have any opinion on the pickups?
I see that one has a Duncan JB-59 and the other Duncan Alnico Pro's.
the JB will be higher output for sure than the alnico pro ( better for hard rock , metal , palm muting etc.. .. its just preference in the end . but great guitar .. you cant go wrong with the deluxe LTD series .

dont buy this guitar intending to switch the pickups ... at this price you should already have a guitar equipped with your taste . thats why LTD-ec1000 come in various pickup configuragtion .

Alnico : not very high output i guess ( moderate ) .. more rock /vintage rock sound . will still cut out for metal but not thats chunky palmmuting

duncan jb : great high output all around pickup .. from thrash metal to classic rock . but not a "brutal" pick up for new metal . . not "dark"

Emg's : active pickup beast for metal .
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These are some great tips on pickups!
Thank you!
I'm more of a rock player so will keep my eyes out for Alnico's.

Hopefully will get a chance to try some out this weekend.