Hi guys,
my deathcore/slam death band needs a bell cymbal to make 'ping' before breakdowns etc.
Just something like this guy owns:
(this small cymbal used around 0:40)

I think its one of MEINL classics 8" bells, isn't it? Especially the low pitched one.
Should we just go for this?

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Yup, that is indeed the Meinl Classics bell. I love those.

However the classic core sound (that "tink", e.g. Despised Icon - MVP, Chelsea Grin - Lifeless or anything off Doom by JFAC, etc.) would be a Zildjian Zil-Bel. I personally dislike those because they're so stereotypical sounding, and they're more expensive than the Meinl bells... but either one will do. Check out both, I guess.
Well this Zil Bel just sounds like a ride cymbal bell.
We'll go for dat Meinl bell.