Just tryin to get into jazz a lil bit. The chords are pretty basic, drums are backing on a program I have, just picked a drum track and did somethin, haha. Just tryin to see if I am on the right jazzy track. For the record, the chord progression, improv etc was a 20min ordeal, so be gentle, LOL!

Short clip so i wont take up a whole lot of your time. thanks. c4c, "Im On Hold" is the name cuz it almost sounds like I am calling a company and put on hold for 20mins, HAHA

Short as that was, it was quite enjoyable! Liked the guitar tone, not the drums though haha. Felt jazzy to me.
Yea im limited to the drums on this program (m-audio session)...i DO have ez drummer, just havent gotten it set up fully with reaper, i kinda suck at all that, nor do I have a way to make my own drum tracks with a device using it which would be cool some day. Again I suck at that, but I know you can assign drum pieces to keys on a keyboard and create your own drum tracks. With work and million other things, more to learn then I have time for.

Not really attempting to become a full time jazz player, just tryin to get a lil taste of diff stuff to use elsewhere if the opportunity is there for fun.

Thanks for comment though! Maybe I will work on it further, again was just a quick, slap down a backing drums track, a lil rythm, and a lil w/e came to fingers over it, LOL. Also, its a Peavey 5150 2x12 combo and a jackson Dk2M just picked up through a shure PG57 direct to M-audio through usb device, lol....
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I agree, the tone was nice, the playing was jazzy, but the drums could've been programmed a little better. But for what you were aiming for, I think you did it just fine.
The drums... ehhh... not feeling them at all. The guitar's nice, though. The tone is great, the playing is great. The rhythm part is smooth and the lead stuff is tight. I really like that sound when you hit a note a little harder and you can heard the note is slightly accented in the picking. Not sure how to describe it. This is pretty good for something that was apparently just thrown together. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1511219