So what I ultimately decided to do with my album is release it as a free download on SoundCloud OR give people the choice to buy it on iTunes on February 13th, when it comes out. Check it out in my signature, please download it and send it around to your friends and family, I really don't care about making money as much as I do just having my music being shared around. If you can't share it with friends or family, just listening to it would be cool as well! It's in my sig!
Had a listen through the whole thing now and I like it man. Although I do think you should re-record the vocals on Sidelines still because the singing's a bit off at some points, but the rest of the songs are fine pretty much. The vocals are pretty catchy in general. The interlude tracks are some of my favourite bits too, especially Atmosphere, although I thought 'So This Is The Sun' was a bit odd. But still, I enjoyed it as a whole.