Thought i had my theory down, up until now..

So i have this chord fills around the G chord, basically i just have a standard open G chord with the D note on the B string. Then on the G string i'll add the A note making it an G9 if i'm right?? And then I would play the G chord with the added E note on the D string; making it an G6 i guess...

Now this sequence sounds pretty cool, but i cant figure out where to go from here, it seems nothing sounds right after it. Can someone help me with this chord sequence? And can someone tell me if the names for the chords are right? I'm kinda lost with this sequence though it sounds amazing and i want to work on it.
It's Gadd9. G9 would include the 7 and the 9 intervals, and you're not playing an F.

As for the G6, it depends on exactly how you're playing it. Are you muting the A-string or playing the B on it (possibly with your index and using the thumb to hold down the low G, but this is pretty tricky...) ??

If you are playing that B, then G6 is right. If you're not which I suspect to be the case, then there's no 3rd interval so it's not necessarily a G6. When I play it sounds like a Em7/G to me.

I guess if you're not playing the B the first one could be a Gsus2 (not Gadd9)..

As for where to go with it, I'd start by holding down the D and G on the B and E strings and playing around a bit, maybe do a F6add9 followed by a Cadd9 or maybe an Em9 or something to that effect. Could also play with the A7sus4 or Am7 resolving to a Dsus4.

Hope that helps
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Play the sequence. Listen. What sound do you want to hear?

Try to find that.

There are a tremendous number of places you could go with this, so we can't do it for you. Don't think about theory. There's a sound in your head. Find it on the guitar.