Sometimes I visit sites like this if Im goofing off and cant figure out a chord to a tune that pops in my head. Today I sat at the piano and played an A minor chord and sang "Love on the Rocks..." and continued to hear and play the rest of the chords. No big whoop. Last chord of the chorus eluded me. I google title and chords. This site popped up. Like always, everything was unbelievably laughably wrong. This is not a resource. Listen to the record. Take lessons. Do not trust anything you see here as correct. Its teaching amateurs to sound more amateur. I'll stop being lazy and use recordings. You should too.
i find alot of the things on here are close enough but yeah figuring songs out on your own is a much better learnging experience and so much more rewarding
Theres actually quite a few tabs and chords perfect to the original recordings.
Too bad the one you looked up was wrong and your super butthurt about it.

Maybe figure it out and submit the proper version for others instead of creating an accout just to leave a douchey comment in the new members forum?
I'm new, agree with STC. Not looking for 'perfection', just a noob looking for some guidance on some of my fav songs so I can singalong at home and maybe in front of family and friends. There's some excellent tabs/chords to nearly every song I've looked for that have taken people time to create to help others. Shame about the haters in the world.
Even tab books can be wrong. Sometimes the books are right, but people think they're wrong because they've seen it played differently live. Lots of artists play it differently live; some with differences every show.
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