This is for my ESP Standard M2 guitar. It's in great excellent condition. There are two things I should mention. First of all, I replaced the truss rod cover with a new one. It's about 1/8" too short.. if you look at the picture of the headstock you can barely see it. Secondly, I removed the volume knob (and top of the pot) to make it easier to pick. You can still adjust the volume, but if you don't like the look I have a new knob and such. Both things are easily fixable for under ~30$ I believe.

The guitar itself is in fantastic condition. I looked over it twice, couldn't find a single scratch. I've had it a few years as a bedroom guitarist. Stopped playing a year ago.. picked it up recently and it's still in tune. That's how high quality this instrument is. Sounds amazing too.

Has floyd rose, locking nut, etc., all the good stuff. Whammy bar is included even tho it's not in the picture.

Looking for $1000 or best offer.. and if you can pick it up locally (Oklahoma) i'll go as low as $900.

Best way to contact is email - fredtracy AT rocketmail DOT com

Just realized I don't know how to post pictures here, lol. e-mail me for some pics, thanks.