I was looking into getting a Pod UX1 originally for about 90$ + 10$ shipping. However I recently found out that the Pod UX2's second guitar input (the "pad" input) is specifically designed for high output sources, such as active pickups. This poses a question as my guitar has EMGs, so I'm stuck between paying about 60$ extra for the UX2 or sticking with the UX1.

Can anyone provide a comparison between active pickups recorded through the regular input jack and the "pad" input jack of the UX2? I was thinking if the difference isn't too noticeable I would stick to the UX1 and save some cash.
Actually, the "Pad" input tones down your input a bit so it won't distort as easily. That's the only difference. I have the UX2, and I never use it, while all guitars I play have active pickups (one has EMG81's and one has SD Blackouts). You can safely go for the UX1.
Thank you both!
I was worried with this too, as I have EMG808s.