This is a rough recording of my song "Don't Be Late"


Don't Be late, Time's a Passin
Just look straight, the tunnnel's unwinding
By the lake, Picked a flower and its stem
Saw mistakes, saw what my life coulda been

A Sunrise and a sunset, a poet once said
They trip on their words, even though they're well read
But it don't take no scholar to know what I mean
And it don't take no traveler, to know where i've been

Morningbird sings in the gorgeous green grove
A sight unseen, the notes shine and they glow
The calm morning air pleases dead wretched souls
These concrete pillars is all people know

Factory worker grinds through his day
Rusted gears and cables line his new grave
Time will tell if his bosses were right
Tell everyone, that they just let him die

if you're late, time won't be stopin
Look away, from the mess you're a-causin
One mistake might define where you've been
a heaven's gate still has yet to be seen