I put a set of Dragonfire Screamers into my Les Paul copy earlier today, but I'm not getting all of the gain I know the pickups can deliver. Rather than an amount of gain suitable for metal, I am getting an amount moure suited for classic rock, such as Led Zeppelin. When I wired them, I somehow bypassed the volume pots even though the wires were connected. That has since been corrected, but the output issue has not. Any advice?
well, how did you wire it?

what diagram did you follow when you wired it, and can you make us your own diagram of how it's wired now? That'll be infinitely helpful in helping us help you
I probably need to rewire the guitar in its entirety, since its wiring didn't match up to ANY wiring schematic I found. I tried to solder the pickup wires to the places where I disconnected the original pickup wires, but it isn't sounding right. The original pickups were two-conductor pickups, but the Screamers have four-conductors. I wouldn't think that this would make a difference in the standard wiring, though. Would it be wise to rewire the electronics based on a Seymour Duncan guide?

Better yet, I have another question to ask of you. I've been looking for a wiring guide for replacing the volume pots with push-pulls for coil splitting. I've looked on DiMarzio's site and Seymour Duncan's site. SD has one for replacing the tone pots, but not the volume. DiMarzio has the one I'm looking for, but I can't make sense of the wire color-coding. How does the DiMarzio four-conductor color-coding translate to Seymour Duncan color-coding? I know the Screamers have similar color-coding to SDs; I only have to reverse the green and black wires.
for wiring colour codes:


you can translate from that, but if you want you can still use the SD diagram.. a push/pull pot's switch and pot are completely independent of one another, so it doesn't matter if you make your volume a push/pull or your tone. it's literally a switch attached to a pot, not connected electrically in any way (with the exception of thew housing..which just gets grounded)

so you'd follow the SD diagram and wire the pots the same (accounting for the different colour code), but just have the push/pull on the volume instead of tone. or just follow the Dimarzio diagram using the appropriate colour code

I think it'd be best to just re-wire the whole thing as you mentioned though. Trying to correct an issue when you didn't do the original wiring job is much more work than just re-doing it, in my opinion
Just thought I would give you more specifics on the problem. The guitar sounds like the volume knobs have been rolled back to about five or six.