Alright so I am thinking of modding my MIM Telecaster, with standard electronics and everything, and I'm looking to beef up the sound a bit. I was thinking of putting in a Tele Hot Rails for the bridge, with the 4-conductor wires so I can split the coils, and keep the stock neck pickup as its sexy. I was wondering though, could I also put in the 4-way switch with the 4-conductor wired pickup and a push/pull pot? Also, what type of pots should I use then on a Tele, 500K or 250K? It is currently 250K pots but could I have something like a 500K volume pot and a 250K tone pot? I'm also making the tone pot a push/pull pot so that it can act as a blower switch.
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yep, you can use whichever blade-style switch you want really. How to wire it is a different story, but we can help you with that in the wiring thread (at the top of the forum)

teles typically have 250k pots, but what you should use is what sounds best to you. Switching to 500k will make your pickups much brighter, but that may be what you want. You'll be perfectly fine with a 500k volume and 250k tone as far as the guitar functioning properly, it just may change the tone in a way you like (or don't like)

edit: what do you mean by a blower switch on the tone push/pull?
A blower switch is where in the normal posistion, the signal goes through all of the controls as normal, but in the other posistion, it bypasses all controlls so the bridge pickup goes straight to the output, running the pickup at full output to give it a boost.