I bought a fender california 16ft cable, the one with the chrome jacks, like most of them.
I've had to had it fixed once, the wiring got disconnected in one of the jacks.

Then I got a 4ft cable made for me just for practicing with at a guitar shop for roughly $5, it had a gold jack. Made in Japan cable, and a Yongsheng jack which I presume is MIJ too.

In some headphones, I've noticed the ones with the gold jacks are more expensive.

So now the japanese cable with the gold jacks are now better sounding than the fender ones, the jap one has more bass and top end, and pretty much makes it more clearer.

Is it because of the golden jacks, or because it is only 4ft long, as to the fender which is 16 ft long?

thank you guys for any help.
The quality of the cable and the shorter length are probably the factors involved.
Yongsheng is a Chinese county if I'm not mistaken. More than likely the jacks are Chinese. Japanese cable is very good. I use Mogami or Canare for my cables with Switchcraft plugs.