Alright So Here's The Thing, I'm pretty much done with almost all of the lessons taught from Justinguitar. com. And originally I was planning on purchasing for a guitar book like: The Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick ; A Modern Method For Guitar By William G. Leavitt, etc. THEN I looked at the content and many reviews, and I thought, maybe it's a bit too complicated for me, b/c most of them are NOT step-by-step but just simply tell you to do sth and moves in a very fast phase. AND SO I came to the idea of purchasing monthly membership in other guitar lesson website like: JamPlay ; Nextlevelguitar ; Licklibrary ; Truefire ; etc. Fortunately, they all have free trials / free sample video to let you get an idea of how their website works and how's the teacher on their website. THEN after I spend some time to try out most of their lessons. I thought, even though you have tons and tons of different choices and teachers to choose from, but the disadvantage is that there might be some really good ones but also not so good ones at the same time. And as an intermediate player, sometimes you can't really tell what they're teaching is good/not, and which end up not getting the most out of it in the time you spent. Most importantly and in the end, my conclusion is that none of them are as clear as Justin Sandercoe, I found some lessons on those other sites confusing or a long lesson but not getting to the point. Thus, I traveled in a circle and came all the way back to Justin Sandercoe, my favorite teacher of all, always getting right to the point, and as always very clear and easy to understand. With that said, and after I did the comparison, I found Justin Sandercoe's lessons extremely helpful and effective, so I thought, why not stick with Justin Sandercoe's products? Besides, I learned so much from him going through his "voluntary pay" lessons, and showed a tremendous improvement, why not thank him by donating / purchasing his product and give him the support that he deserves! Now, I'm just about to purchase the "Practical Music Theory" (ebook pdf.file) by Justin Sandercoe as I believe it should be awesome like all the other lessons I've learned from his website. If it turns out well, I'll definitely buy more of his products and support Justin as I'm a big fan of him now. cheers : )

BTW: any reviews on Justin Sandercoe's
"Practical Music Theory", or his other products?

NOTE: this is written in my "personal opinion",
as some of you might disagree with me.
dude..... if you love his lessons so much just buy it. If you like his style of teaching, then just go for it.
chill guys.. no offense, and please don't get me wrong here, not saying other guitar teachers / products from other sites are in any way worst or better, each of them has their own unique teaching styles, and you choose what works best for you. While I found justin's stuffs works best for me from "personal opinion/taste/prefrence" as I mentioned in the end of the thread, some others may find Justin's lesson less effective than lessons taught by another teacher or products, and there's absolutely nothing wrong about that. Not doing advertisement, not saying one is better than another, just sharing my experience from my humble opinion, and you don't have to agree with me of course. my apologize if there was any misunderstanding. PEACE and CHEERS : )
There you go man, it seems fitting that you show loyalty to Justin. I respect and admire his heart as a teacher.

What I would have said to you, if you and I were face to face, is, "define your goals" There are a million ways to go, but its best if they somehow work together towards a specific goal that is more than "I just wanna be a great player". You and the rest of the guitar world share that, but go deeper, as in what x number of things would you like to accomplish in the next year? The next 6 months? A dream without a plan, is a fantasy.