hey ug ive had this problem with my acoustic guitars pickup for a while now and ive got no idea whats wrong with it

i cant remember when but for a while now whenever i have my guitar plugged in to anything, anything i play on the low e string is about 5x louder than all of the other strings, ive tryed eq'ing it out but that didnt work, ive had to endup not playing the e string while im plugged in which stops the noise but (obviously) i want to be able to use my low e string some time soon.

ive thought that maybe the mic/what ever picks up the sound in the guitar ( u can see how much i know about acoustic pickups >.< lol) has mooved around in the body of the guitar or something like that, im not sure if that is possible and if so how to fix it, any other theorys r welcome as well

its a walden G630CE with a fishman aero+ pickup

any help would be appreciated.

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Hey there

It is hard to diagnose the problem by simple descriptions over the internet but I'll give it a shot. Your guitar is amplified through the use of a UST pickup. A UST pickup is a thin metal strip that is found underneath the saddle (White plastic piece by the bridge which makes contact with the strings). The UST picks up the vibrations of the saddle which is making contact with the strings and then sends the sound to your amplifier.

The problem is likely to be uneven contact between the underside of the saddle and the UST pickup. Here is some things you can try to remedy the problem.

First, remove the strings and take out the saddle (it should pull out fairly easily). There you should find the pickup. Remove any dust and debris in this cavity and wipe off the bottom of the saddle itself. Put the saddle/strings back on and plug into an amp to see if this fixed the problem. If not, you may need to sand the bottom of the saddle to get it flat as possible. What you are trying to do is make sure that the UST makes even contact with the full length of the saddle, any gaps or unevenness will cause the string to string volume to be way off.

Let me know if this works for you.

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okay thanks, i noticed that last time i took the strings off (the first time i took the strings off this guitar actually) the bridge fell out and i saw that piece off wire and wondered what it was for so thanks for clearing that up,

im currently on holidays now and dont have anywhere to plug the guitar into to check the levels but i get back home in a coulpe of days and ill tell u how it goes once im home

thanks again
Ibanez RG470AHZ
Squire Strat
Walden G630CE

Blackstar HT-40
Marshal MG30FX