Rembran and the Horny Club

'And now Rembrant, would you like to speak
about why your hear?'

She said. With those lips.
Infatuating. Those red red lips.

Stop it.

Where was I.

Ah yes.

'Im here' I proclaim,
with confidence non existent.
'Because, I am an addict'


And now the slow claps I've been running
for months have been turned upon me.

'An addict of what?' she inquires.
With her inquisitive eyes.
Those questioning eyes. Those blue
blue eyes. Hidden behind a frame of steel
and glass.

Sex. It's what drives us all, is it not ?

Repulsion. Disgust. Contempt lines the face
of the woman beside me. Not that it matters,
its not her I'm after.


Besides, I think she's giving me the eye. Pupils dilated.
Yeah, she's into me.

I see her look up from her clipboard, ushering.
Do I hate my addiction ?

That may be what your asking yourselves at this point.
Let me explain.

It's all I think about,
will I ever forget?
I love it.

It's all I think about,
will I ever forget?
I feel my trousers tighten,
Do they know im erect?

Disclaimer: I know noone called Rembran, nor do I go to a horny club Nor do I know anybody who does.
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