Yeah just a demo, I intend to have vocals on it. The mix isn't great, and I think there's some clipping at the end before the piano so I should probably fix that. I say it's 'catchy' because the melodies are supposed to be memorable, but I can't really judge for myself. But yeah I quite liked how it turned out, c4c of course.

EDIT: Put delay on the intro lead
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damn, i really like it the melody is catchy like you say BUT, its just like to long imagine a poem
somthing like that is yor melody, i think it would be better if you just do it like
ADD DELAY TO THE INTRO MELODY(palm muted) or a heavy chorus.
the rythym guitar in the begining, the heavy part, its too syncopated, and the piano at the end was awesome, you change to a major key instead of keeping a minor, i really like that.
well thats all i have to say, you can add some harmonies to the guitars, it always sound nice.
cheers and take care
PD:i just realized you can add a solo too
PD2:sory for my english i really speak spanish
Cheers man, I never thought about adding delay or chorus to the intro, I'll definitely give it a go because I'm sure that'd turn out pretty well. And yeah I kinda agree with you about the intro rhythm, or I think I should just not have it vary so much. But yeah man, good ideas Thanks
Hi mate

production wise the song sounds great, would defo sound better if the bass was real and maybe pushed up a bit to give it some punch. rhythm guitars sound meaty, very cool. like mentioned above the lead could have a touch more effect, maybe reverb/delay would spice it up nicely perhaps. I think the song sounds great without vocals, a cool instrumental, the lead takes the place of vocals and doesnt feel like its missing them at all really. the piano outro is wicked, maybe make it a bit longer to add to the epicness...maybe layer up the guitars towards the end before the outro, add some harmonies, tremolo lead like exposions in the sky style etc to make it super epic before the piano kicks in.
are the drums real? they sound great.

sounds great mate...what did you use to record and mix/master ?
Thanks guys. Just uploaded a new version with delay on the intro lead.

*Money4Nothing*: Yeah I wasn't sure if I liked the piano outro so I kept it short, but now I've grown to like it, and its gotten positive feedback, I'm tempted to extend it a bit. And I'll have a go building up the layers towards the end for a climax.

I recorded the whole thing in Cubase. The drums were programmed into Superior Drummer 2.0, the bass is a midi file straight from Guitar Pro hah, and the guitars were done recording into an audio interface then using Amplitube 3 for the tones. Oh and the piano was done in Reason. There was almost no mastering, just a little compressed.

pacdude95: Pretty cool what you got there, although I think the guitars are a bit too low in the mix.
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