So, I was jamming out on my guitar playing through a crate palomino(all tube combo, 15w) amp. I kept having a problem with feedback, I liked the tone, but if I remained in one place sure enough, a quiet "euuuuurrrroooooooo" until I turn my body. So, I'm spinning in circles, I liked the tone but the fact that it was getting feedback bothered me(maybe my amp was broken?). I switched guitars, cables, turned the amp around, nothing. Finally, on a whim, I moved the extension cord I had my laptop plugged into away from the amp.
Feedback stopped, however the tone was COMPLETELY different. When it was there it was a very dirty, trebly sound, it sounded a lot like Dammit by Blink 182. I moved it and it became a more docile overdrive; like I had changed amps entirely.

So, of course, I put the cord back

Funny how the littlest things make the biggest impact on tone.