heyy guys,
just wondering if samash ship to Australia as i am in need of a new guitar.
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Sam Ash International Sales

• Shipping World-Wide
• Arranging For Pickups At Our US Stores - 45 Locations In 16 States

Email: HQ@SamAshMusic.com
Mail: PO BOX 9047, Hicksville NY 11802, USA
Telephone: 1-516-932-6400
Fax: 1-516-938-1437

We accept:
Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
Bank Checks and Bank Money Orders
Bank Fund Transfers
Just remember that you'll not only have to pay large shipping costs but you'll also have to pay various customs and import fees when the guitar arrives. Smaller items can often be sent cheaply and not incur these extra charges, but a guitar is always large and heavy enough that not only will you always have to pay additional fees but they will always be quite high as guitars sit in the top weight and dimension categories. You will need to look up your local customs agency or equivalent to find out exactly what you'll be charged for importing a guitar.
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thanks for the help guys
and just wondering how much do you think the shipping will come togther ?