Do pitch harmonics and natural harmonics mean the same thing?

Just something I've been wondering for some time
No. Pinch Harmonics are created by picking the string and quickly hitting the string with your thumb. Hard to explain but easy to show, use youtube.

Natural Harmonics are created by taking your finger, for example, and quickly touching the string at the 12th fret. You'll have a very natural sound that's kind of like a Harp.
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Do you mean pinch harmonics? If so, no they are different. Pinch harmonics are often called artificial harmonics.

Natural harmonics are sounded by lightly touching the string with your fretting hand and picking the string.

Artificial harmonics are sounded by picking the string and immediately touching the sting with the thumb that is holding the pick.

There's a little more to getting them to sound good. Those are the general ideas though.
oh shit, I made a mistake in the OP. I meant artificial harmonics, not natural

Thanks for the replies anyways
The terms "natural" and "artificial" are really quite misleading. I prefer "left-hand" and "right-hand".