I have a FG700 right now with bone saddle. I'm using Martin 'Lights' as that is the string gauge it uses from factory.

I want to go a size up to bigger strings to 'Mediums'. Can I do this without changing anything? What would I need to do to use bigger strings?
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The heavier strings may raise the action a bit.

Ostensibly, if that does happen, you might want to shave the saddle a bit.

The top nut may pass strings 1 gauge up, but there's no guarantee.

While there are nut files available for each gauge string set, they are expensive.

If necessary you can use a fine jeweler's file(*) to WIDEN the nut ever so slightly. (A very light stroke alternating sides until the string passes). DO NOT deepen the groove, stay off the bottom with the file.

You should probably read this fine guide to set up: http://thbecker.net/guitar_playing/guitars_and_setup/setup_page_01.html before you begin.

(*) Another member has suggested widening top nut grooves with a torch tip cleaner. This seems entirely feasible also. A TTC has finer elements than a jeweler's file, and would be better if the plain steel strings won't pass the nut.
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