I recently bought a Classic Player Jazzmaster. While I love several features about the guitar, the humming in the neck and bridge positions is really bothering me. Any recommendations as to a pedal to help curb the noise? I'm debating between an ISP Decimator, MXR Smart Gate, or an EHX Hum Debugger. I don't really have any noise issues aside from the single coil hum, and I'd like something that does as little as possible to my guitar tone and signal. Thanks.
And if you aren't playing high gain I'd suggest you check for grounding issues in the guitar itself. A lot easier and cheaper to fix than what you have in mind.
its a preference thing really. i can't stand noise gates. it is definitely something that you would have to get used to and unless your playing metal with super high gain and you want all noise to just stop the second your not pounding on the strings, the gate is not for you.

i'm too lazy to look but i can't remember if the jazz master had p90's or single coils. i can't speak on behalf of p90's but regular single coils r just gonna be noisy, thats just the way it is. so the hum debugger would definitely help but new pickups might also be something to consider