This was a really cool instrumental song! I think the best part it at 0.45!
I disagree that the synth tones were bad, but I like the "first" synth part better than the second that comes in.

The drums and bass where great, it had a nice progression and the guitarplaying was awesome Really cool job! Special song

Wanna C4C?

very upbeat and cool song. I liked the synths you had going on and the ghostly guitar track in the background. for some reason I pictured this in a video game...not sure which game or what kind but I think its because of the synths you used. not a bad thing though, I dig it. I hope to hear more!
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I love the feel of this song. I tried commenting on your youtube vid but no luck lol. Reminds me of some stuff I use to write mixed with a "Steve Vai Building the Church" synth style. Very Nice. I do cover vids on youtube if you wanna check out or please check out my reverbnation account and listen to some of the stuff I've written and covers I have done Thanks!! C4C??