Can anyone tell me if this is good guitar or bad.I am really intersted in buying it.So please help me thank you.
I have one and I live it. Just needs a good set up and new pups.

People will tell you the bridge is bad but mine won't go out of tune and works very well.
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Great guitar. The bridge supposedly is made with cheap metal, but I have abused mine for four years and it still holds tune fine. Neck thru which is odd for ibanez, wizard 3 neck is fast and thin.
Pickups are pretty good, but not everybodies cup of tea.
Inlays look funny upside down.
I'd own one if the color wasnt so horrid, I've played several and enjoyed them all. The xpt700xh has better pickups imo and 27 frets!

Edit better pickup. Bridge is d activtor, neck is air norton S
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I'm quite fond of it, even though I never thought I would like one, since it just fits me perfectly.
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Just needs... new pups.


D'Activators are awesome. Well for distortion anyway. They're not amazing for cleans. But anyway yeah I owned one for a few months and played it a lot. I really loved the neck, played really well. Bridge isn't great but it does work if you set it up right and like I said I love the pickups. Also the finish is really awesome to see in person.

The ONLY real complaint I had about that guitar was the placement of the strap buttons. I hated where it sat when I was standing up. Had I kept the guitar on a more permanent basis I would have moved them.
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To be honest, I've always wanted one. haha. Necks are SUPER thin and easy to jump around on.
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Good guitar, I really dug the feel and sound of the one I tried. FR style trems aren't for me though so until there ibanez offers one with a fixed bridge I'm stuck with either the seven string or the lower end bolt on one. Also not the biggest fan of the d-activators. I think if you're going to go passive there are better high output humbuckers to pick from and if you're after the tone actives give then why not just get actives.
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