So im currently building a guitar.

Im basing my design on the Les Paul Jr. Double Cutaway but the premade neck im ordering is a bolt-on. My issue is that I dont have the neck yet and im ready to cut out the body shape but i dont know how much support the bolt on neck needs so i dont know how much more wood i need to leave for the neck pocket or how much wood i need around it. Im just looking for a general idea of how much support a bolt on neck needs
Wait for the neck to arrive, then measure it?
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If i were you and don't know the exact measurements that neck has then i would cease all work at all on the body until you have the neck handy to measure everything

Or you might by accident find yourself having to re-do a whole body and we don't want that
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I would wait until you have the neck. That way you EXACTLY what your dealing with and then can proceed accordingly. Its also easier to line up the shape of a the body on the centreline to the neck in your hands then line the neck up on an already cut out body. That may just be me though :P
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