I've played an acoustic guitar for a while, and I'd like to try out a electric one. However I'm very short in budged. I came across this guitar while looking for cheap guitars:
Rocktile Sphere Classic

It's very cheap, it will only cost me 75€, however I couldn't find any reviews of her. Has anyone ever heard of it?

Product features:

Modell: Sphere Classic, 3 x Single Coil Pickup
21 frets, rosewood fingerboard, pick-up selector switch
Tremolo bridge, volume and tone pot
white scratchplate
including 2.5m guitar cable, tremolo lever and Allen key

Also, is it possible to play an electric guitar without an amplifier? I've played a electric guitar in a friend's house before but it didn't have an amplifier, just a device that was connected to his computer and where he could chance effects, but with no speakers.

Thanks, and all help will be apreciated.
Personally I'd be more willing to shell out a bit more cash for a branded guitar of some kind, Squier Affinity Strats are very good starter instruments or the Telecasters if you lean more in that direction. You should be able to pick one up for something like 150-200 euros at the most.

I've been stung by the "cheap as hell, no-name" instruments in the past so I'm very wary of them now...
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